Can you tell us a little about yourself?

I am a Southern California girl through and through, born in Los Angeles and raised in Orange County. Prior to doing my crystal healing work, I was a wardrobe stylist for commercials. I love learning, my husband, and our menagerie of critters (1 dog, 3 cats, 7 fish, 12 chickens, and two hives of bees!) I really love being in water.

For those who are not familiar with crystal healing and readings, can you please give a brief description?

Crystal healing is an inner journey instigated by the vibrations of the crystals. I place a unique series of crystals on and around your body which causes images, symbols, and memories to come forth to your mind and I help you to explore and understand the significance of what you are seeing. People variously describe the sessions as lucid dreaming, psychedelic, deep therapy, mini-vacation, and fun. The aim of a crystal healing session is to discover the root of what is causing unhappiness or discomfort in your life and bring deep clarity on what you can do about it to become happier and more fulfilled in your life.

For crystal readings, either people tell me what area in their life they want a crystal to help them with or, I just read a person’s energy and tell them what I see is the biggest energetic issue in their life now. In both cases, I recommend a specific metaphysical crystal for them to use to assist them with that particular situation. I also tell people how they can work with their specific crystal to maximize the energetic benefits of working with the stone. For phone sessions, answers to your personal crystal questions and metaphysical life coaching is also involved!

What got you started/interested in crystals?

Because I wasn’t finding anything that was to my taste or quality I preferred, I decided to design my own metaphysical fine jewelry. I then realized I wanted to make metaphysical jewelry pieces to support others too. I didn’t just want to read from some book what the metaphysical properties of a stone were; I wanted to know for myself if I had any connection with the crystals. So I begin studying crystal healing and found I understood the crystals more deeply than I could have imagined. It was then in my first crystal workshop I found my life’s calling to help people understand in heal with the power of crystals.

Can you tell us about some of the benefits of crystals?

If you were a painter you could use a certain color to brighten the palette another color to add some more depth. You basically use the colors to enrich and define your painting. In the same way, instead of colors on a painting, one can use the vibration of crystals to enrich the “painting” of your life. So crystalline energy can be applied to any part of your life. My personal intention is to use crystals to help bring more happiness and fulfillment for myself and the world.

Do you have a favorite crystal?

Yes, I resonate very deeply with phenakite. It’s a very-high vibration stone of the crown chakra and helps me be in tune to high level spiritual information to use in my work. I have a ring with a phenakite gem I wear for crystal healing sessions to help me with just that.

What’s your process like when you’re doing healings/readings?

For crystal healing sessions, I have no idea where you will go in your experiences and visions. My job is to just help you figure out why you are encountering different memories, symbols, and experiences while helping “fine tune” your vibrations with the vibrations of the crystals. The experience for me is much like being on a sound board (“needs more bass here,” “needs more treble here,” “all around less reverb”). I’m also helping you to figure out what energies you no longer need hanging on to, so it’s very much like being an energetic closet reorganizer asking you if you’re really ever going to wear that sweater you’ve had stuck in the back of the closet again. In both the crystal healings and the intuitive readings, I am sensing which chakras are locked up or out of balance and use crystals that would be most helpful in opening or balancing those energies. 

Any advice for any first timers who want to try it out? 

Let go of any preconceived notions of what your session will be like. People find it’s incredibly difficult to describe the experience unless you’ve been through it yourself. It’s also different for each person and even different for each session for the same person. The most important thing is to just be open. You’re going down your own rabbit hole and it’s an adventure on the other side.


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