JA1Angela Shore getting her rejuvenation on at at Palm Springs’ Sparrow’s Lodge.

Angela Shore is the Brooklyn-based creator of Jiva-Apoha, a selection of uniquely blended essential oils created to disseminate all of the calming, balanced, generally good vibes Shore has discovered during her years as a Healing Oil Pusher. The oils are all natural and organic, made with 100% herbs, plants, flowers, minerals and therapeutic grade essential oils. Each blend is made with the specific beautifying and healing properties of each oil in mind. They’re even individually blessed!

JA6Packaging ceremonies. From the Jiva-Apoha Instagram: “Each new day for all begins in the East with the rising of Father Sun, the source of life and power, dawn of wisdom, while the fire heating the rocks is the undying light of the world, eternity, and it is a new spiritual beginning day that we seek in the sweat ceremony.”

TenOverSix: You’re trained in Ayurvedic Wellness. What IS Ayurveda exactly?

Angela Shore: Ayurveda, in Sanskrit of the two Ayu (the root of ayur & ayus), means Life, and Veda is the combination of Science, Knowledge and Wisdom. It’s an ancient holistic system of medicine and natural healing that dates back over 5000 years ago from India. It’s believed to be the oldest form of healthcare in the world. There are eight branches of Ayurveda, principles that are based upon spiritual teachings of the Vedas as well as the experiences of the Sages that have passed beyond human consciousness. To say the least, it’s a vast body of work. I live to share the balance of these philosophies and foundations into my everyday us.

TOS: How did this training lead to the creation of your brand?

AS: The Healing Fusion, as I call it, is a combination of my early years in ancient healings and aromatherapy, which lead me to work with traditional medicine women, one of whom I have been working closely with for over fifteen years. I discovered Ayurveda at a time when I personally needed my own healing, and through studies in America and India, I found myself respecting both my self-awareness and my body much more. I began working with private clients, practicing my passions on the table in energy work incorporating essential oil therapy.

JA2In-studio experimentation with neem, sandalwood, cardamom, fennel, clove, and lemon.

TOS: We realize this is akin to asking you to pick a favorite child, but which oils are your favorite?

AS: Since we’re talking birth, my favorites are 1967 Bod and Atman Spirit Body; I frequently wear them for my oiling ritual, morning and night. For me it’s a stimulating and grounding mixture depending on the day. The meaning behind each essential oil blend has its own story. All blends are meant to please the spiritual, physical, and mental levels of a person. The best results are achieved by applying them generously after bath or shower and wearing them as a body moisturizer throughout the day.


TOS: How often do you create new oils? What is the impetus for the development of each new product?

AS: I’ve been told to slow down, as I have formulas that I’ve already created that are sitting in a pending file. The development behind each blend takes energy, chemistry, and has to carry a personal story. For instance, Thunderbird Body is our latest. It’s still fairly new to the market, but I worked on mastering the formula and thorough creative thought for over a year before bringing it to the table.

JA3Angela Shore in one of her favorite cities, Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India.

TOS: In addition to making and selling oils, you’ve continued your healing practice. Tell us a little bit about that.

AS: I’m creating more balance in my life, and by that, I mean reconnecting deeper into my one on one private sessions. The beauty of the brand is because it emanates from the healings themselves and the energy work that I’ve allowed to open up into my life. It’s a separate body of work that I never won’t to lose touch with.

JA8L to R: Patti Smith by Allan Tannenbaum; Swami Satchidananda and Verushka by Richard Avedon

TOS: “Rock” is very present in both your biography and blog. How does this very American affect/culture influence you work, which is ostensibly based in very traditionally Indian practices?

AS: There’s no separation for the love of Rock n’ Roll; it’s been in my blood early on. My first rock experience was “The Love Valley Rock Festival” of 1970, also known as North Carolina’s Woodstock. I was by my mom’s side. She introduced me to the power of music.

Jiva-Apoha has a playful aspect connecting to our modern day souls. In Jiva’s social media you’ll find hashtags like #JivaRocks, #RockShaman, and #RockNRollYogi, making musicians a part of our Soul-Journey with fun imagery and music videos. I think the healing world needs Rock n’ Roll; after all it’s a fun balance. It fuels the (agni) fire of Jiva-Apoha.

JA9From the Jiva-Apoha Instagram: “The turtle is a symbol of the world, of the earth. To the Lakota, the turtle spirit brings health and longevity.”

TOS: Your work very clearly comes from South Asian healing practices, yet you also site Native American history as an important aspect of Jiva-Apoha. Can you tell us a little about how these two elements work together?

AS: Yes, I also believe in the ancient techniques and remedies of the Native Americans. I was influenced early on by and drawn to our Cherokee Nation and always had a real closeness to our Native American Culture in general. It just became natural to me as the teachings began. The combination of their ancient healings, herbs that are used to purify the spirit world, and bringing balance into our everyday surroundings has become a part of me.

The creative concept of India meets Native American has been in my heart since childhood and through all studies today. There’s so much knowledge in the world of culture, ancient healing, herbs, rituals, ceremonies, and the continuation is a deep learning process. I believe in having more than one teacher, and I consider myself a student for life but to also live as my own director. This is what I do best when helping others see that they have the power to heal as well and sharing through Jiva-Apoha (Soul-Healing).


TOS: How does Brooklyn add itself to this mix?

AS: I’ve been a part of the Brooklyn community for over twenty years. I call it my home away from my home of North Carolina, and where Jiva-Apoha was born. I’m a Brooklyn maker.

JA10Photo: Kevin Necessary

TOS: What’s next for Jiva-Apoha?

AS: A landscape is in the making for sure. My team and I are working on a strategy outline but definitely more essential oil products with a ‘Whole Lotta Healing’ to come.



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