A sampling of some of the wares at the upcoming, TenOverSix co-owned coffee shop, Weekend!

As part of the Joule Hotel development project, TenOverSix is co-opening Weekend Coffee, with the Joule Hotel, in the Joule Hotel, serving Victrola Coffee. The coffee shop will be located right next door to TenOverSix, Dallas, and should be quite the draw. We sat down with Joe Cole, president and co-owner of TenOverSix, fresh off a trip to Victrola headquarters in Seattle, about the venture.

Presenting…Weekend Coffee!

TenOverSix: When is Weekend slated to open?
Joe Cole: Sometime this Spring, aiming for mid-March.

TOS: That’s exciting! So why coffee?
JC: Mostly, why not coffee… To some degree we’re all foodies and an extension of that has been a shared passion for great coffee. LA’s been having somewhat of a moment for the past several years in terms of coffee, which has certainly rubbed off on us. Not to mention we (Kristen Lee, Brady Cunningham, and Joe Cole, the TenOverSix co-founders) all have young children, amping our our need to be caffeinated constantly, and once we get into something we go all in.

One of the goals of The Joule expansion project was to create an environment that is not just beautiful in terms of design, but also approachable. The Joule aims to be a social focal point in a part of downtown Dallas that is going through a real Renaissance. It seemed like a natural fit to anchor the lobby space with an artisanal coffee shop. It doesn’t stop at coffee, as this is the same approach that all facets of the The Joule project are taking from the hotel itself to retail, to food & beverage, to spa.

A cupping demonstration at Victrola.

TOS: You just got back from Seattle, where Victrola is based. How did this collaboration about? How did you select Victrola as a bean partner?
JC: We wanted to find a terrific product in terms of the beans, and it was important to work with someone who we can form a growing relationship with. After considering some different roasters, we count ourselves very lucky to have aligned with Victrola, as they have crafted a partnership with us that exceeds our original expectations.

Victrola is a true craft micro-roaster and is considered one of the top roasters in the market. Their attention to detail in selecting beans, fine tuning their roasts and working with us on brew profiles is truly special. Working with a small roaster like Victrola, we have a real partner to ensure we’re providing our customers with a high-quality product, including the ability to develop exclusive collaborations.

(L to R) Our coffee in beautiful Heath Ceramics cups; stools by Garza Marfa; Weekend Coffee aprons by Hedley & Bennett.

I was fortunate to be able to some time in Seattle and experience Victrola’s detailed cupping process, which is used to select beans as well as fine tune the roast profile. I also got to experience some of the best and most innovative cafes in town.

While Weekend is serving (literally!) some amazing coffee, that’s not the only tasty treat you’ll be able to find there!

TOS: Where does the Name come from?
JC: From a brand point of view, Weekend is about a pure artisan approach to coffee. We take coffee seriously, but as with TenOverSix, not to the point of going too far, not to the point of taking ourselves too seriously. It’s about having a sense of humor, and more than anything, cultivating a fully fleshed out environment, with all details, from our coffee, to music, design etc., contributing to something that is playful, effortless, and memorable.

Playful indeed: goodies for sale next to a wall piece by Julie Thevenot.

Weekend has a playful connotation and lends an affectionate referential vibe to the coffee experience. The brand name, logo and visual system are equal parts bright, bold, and cheerful. When designing the artwork we were inspired by the nostalgic feeling conjured up by Ed Ruscha’s Annie. Ultimately, bright and youthful characteristics are balanced by a minimal graphic system. This is about our customers enjoying themselves as we weave this experience into the fabric of the community.

The menu!

TOS: What else can you tell us?
JC: Rounding out the coffee program is a tight retail mix and some amazing baked goods. Given our retail background, we couldn’t help but come up with something to merchandise… Plus as people develop their taste for what Weekend is providing, we wanted to give them the access to some great home brewing options like Chemex, Moccamaster and Hario V60. We’ll also be adding great foodie-inspired items to the mix, including aprons by Marfa-based designer Constance Holt (also part of the Garza team who designed our bar stools); ceramics from The Netherlands’ Jansen + Co., which we’ll also be using in-house; some cool stuff from Brooklyn-based Fort Standard and amazing foodie magazines like Gather, Kinfolk, etc. We also came across a local chocolatier, Dude, Sweet, who we’ll be featuring. We’re still developing the pastry program with the hotel chefs, but so far, given how well our first tasting went, we’re pretty sure we’ll be serving some awesome things.

Two dudes, hangin’ out, tastin’ coffee.



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