As much as we like funny things here at TENOVERSIX, we’re pretty classy ladies, and love well-made, classic pieces to balance out the animal butts and Kurt Kobain-inspired sunglasses. That’s why we carry brands like WANT Les Essentiels de la Vie and, of course, 3.1 Phillip Lim. This season, Phillip Lim has taken his updated classic aesthetic to a new level with his line of Pashli bags.

(I looked up “elegance” in the LAPL photo archive, and this came up. And the dogs are Russian Wolfhounds. I couldn’t resist. Plus this short-haired woman of arts and leisure would totally have owned the earliest incarnation of this bag.)

Pashli means “Let’s go” in Russian (It’s also the name of a character in The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, but I’m not sure that was the inspiration..), and these bags are definitely bags to go places with. In fact, a client just stopped by and is planning on buying the Satchel for herself once she gets a raise. The basic design reminds me of a very wealthy 1920s doctor’s bag – something you would, say, take to Greystone Mansion (pictured above) before all of that murder and ensuing haunting stuff. Once you look at the bags closer, the fancy factor does not disappoint. The leather is textured to look like some sort of exotic, never-before-discovered animal’s skin, and all of the edges of the bag have a zigzag detail, something that on any other bag would be way too cutesy but on this is oddly exciting. The juxtaposition of Lim’s minimalist buckles and zippers updates something that feels like the luckiest find ever at Resurrection.

The Pashli Satchel is available in taupe and black and is $895. The Pashli Tote comes in taupe and is $950. The Pashli Messenger Bag comes in black and is $750. All are available in store and online.



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