It’s still pretty cold outside, but with Spring 2015 rolling in and the sun occasionally shining, the end is close enough to at least imagine. While we’re all still trapped in doors, here are a few of our favorite jams right now to keep you warm (& don’t worry, they’re also totally go with your SS15 wardrobe).

Sleater Kinney, No Cities to Love (extra SL bonus: their recent interview w the ladies of Broad City)

St. Vincent, Birth In Reverse

fka Twigs, Video Girl

Perfume Genius, Queen

Sylvan Esso, Play It Right

Azaelia Banks, Chasing Time

Bjork, Mutual Core (We couldn’t find anything from her new album yet, but we’re SO PUMPED.)

CHVRCHES, Under The Tide

Beach House, Wishes

King Tuff, Black Moon Spell

Broken Bells, After the Disco

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TenOverSix’s Spring Collection is in Bloom!


It may still be a bit chilly outside, but at TenOverSix, things are bright and cheery with our new Spring arrivals rolling in. Stop by our Los Angeles or Dallas locations or check out our New Arrivals page & Instagram for the latest from Rachel Comey, Rodebjer, Esby, Fabiana Pigna, Nancy Stella Soto, Shaina Mote, Calder, Creatures of Comfort, Martiniano, Two New York, boy+girl, and so many more.

& with so much new merchandise coming in, we’ve put our Sale pieces at up to 70% off! Get mega-discounts on Ace & Jig, Jasmin Shorkian, 3.1 Phillip Lim, Ilana Kohn, boy+girl, Rachel Comey, Tome, Kaelen, Opening Ceremony, Rodebjer, Samantha Pleet, Misha and Puff, Baggu, Nancy Stella Soto, Novis, Bobo Choses, Sechung, Calder, Suno, Nomia, Jesse Kamm, Loeffler Randall & Anndra Neen!

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HAPPY NEW CATURDAY!!1!!!!1!1!! (PT. 2/2)

Shaolin did indeed catch Santa, but to her surprise it was nothing more than her brother, Elmer, in a Santa suit! Was she too early? IS SHE ACTUALLY RELATED TO SANTA CLAUS OMG?? I know one cat who’s not telling. Despite the barrage of questioning Elmer has endured since the morning of the 25th, he and Shaolin are still co-hosting a party at their grandma Elsie’s place for the New Years.

Shaolin celebrates in the Otaat Silver Party Hat*; Gabriela Artigas Reloaded Ear Cuff and Master Tusk*; Anndra Neen Cloud Cuff; Nomia Sleeveless Fringe Dress; Sara Barner Circle Bag; and Rachel Comey Serra Clog. Elmer avoids her constant Wait-Are-You-Rly-Santa? stare in the Gillian Steinhardt Dynasty Earrings*; K/LLER Quill Burst Necklace*; Rodebjer Odessa Jacket and Floral Denim; WELCOMECOMPANIONS Glove Coinpurse*; and No. 6 Front Seam Clog. They are surrounded by (L to R) the Ace & Jig Patch Pillow; Umbra Shift Pleated Planter; Iacolli & McAllister Sage Pyramid; Vacation Days Black Rock Photo Collage #1; Hopewell Spruce Goose and Neap Tide Pillows; Fort Standard Dry Goods Vessels.

*available in-store

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MERRY CATURDAY!!1!!!!1!1!! (PT. 1/2)

It’s Christmas Eve, and Shaolin has thrown her Morgan Lane Starry Eyed Sleeping Mask to the side and enlisted the help of her best friends – aka pretty much everything by Eleven Design Studio, Polka Dot Club, and Donna Wilson – to finally, after all these years, catch Santa. Will she succeed?! Be sure to check back next week for this two-parter!

L to R: Ace & Jig Patched Pillow; Umbra Shift Pleated Planter; Coral and Tusk Framed Circus Bear; Areaware Infinite Tree; Aesa Luxor Studs (If she’s gonna meet Santa, she has to have at least a little bling on); Gabriela Artigas Reloaded Ear Cuff; Suno Oversized Tunic and Cropped Pant; Rachel Comey Mars Mule.

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Amanda: Chen and Kai Metamorphic Rock bookends for some book shelf love; Vruwink Squiggle Vase for my friends obsessed with interiors; Rodebjer Manus Jacket for myself because I’m never properly dressed for the weather; Tata Harper Hydrating Floral Essence for my mom who is hooked; Baggu Medium Leather Pouch for the disorganized friend.

Diamond: Jessica Hans Swamp Thing Vase because New Orleans has been on my radar lately; MCMC Fragrances Garden Perfume Oil would be perfect for my mom because she and I have collected perfume together since I can remember; Tony Allen Hits with the Afrika 70 would be for my best friend who lives in Brooklyn and just moved into her own place. Good vibes all around.; Bobo Choses Sleeveless Fur Jacket is for my other best friend who has the cutest daughter and since I love seeing kids in ridiculous things, this is so fitting; We call the Rachel Comey Kirby Pant the eyelash pant and they are the perfect option for my NYE look!

Belinda: Tom Dixon Marble Chopping Board* for my best friend because maybe it will inspire creativity in the kitchen; MCMC Dude No. 1 Beard Oil for my boyfriend and his lush fuzz; Chen and Kai Stone Age Bangles cause they’re simple but totally amazing; Tata Harper Rejuvenating Serum because everyone could use a fresh face during the holidays; Gabriela Artigas Stirrup Choker Collar** for my own, little statement necklace collection.

Sam: No. 6 Front Seam Clog would be for me. Oh come on everyone buys at least one thing for themselves during the holidays right? RIGHT!?; Iacoli & McAllister Hex Bottle Opener for my bro because alcohol; Umbra Shift Pleated Dish for my mother because she has a major green thumb and would love something amazing like this to put succulents in; Lula Issue 19 for my younger cousin because she too loves fashion and needs a fun reading break during her crazy class schedule; Kaelen Stretch Wool Tie Front Jumpsuit for my sister because jumpsuits are a great alternative to the holiday party dress……also I know she would let me borrow it!

*available in-store at TenOverSix Dallas
**available in-store at TenOverSix LA & Dallas

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The holidays are just around the corner, and TenOverSix wants to make sure you’re ready! Stop by our Los Angeles & Dallas stores for complimentary wrapping and personal shopping (if you’re feeling extra stressed). We can also get presents out from our online store as late as December 22, and if you’re freaking out about what to get that one person who’s so hard to shop for, never fear; our gift guides are here to save the day!

Remember to double check our holiday hours if you’re stopping by super close to Christmas or New Years. We hope to see you soon, and if we don’t, happy holidays!

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Natalie: Rachel Comey Mars Mule for me because I need to graduate from the Mars Boot; Sehti Na Gold and Pearl Bar Earring for my stylish and classy mama; Areaware Bottle Opener for my dude friends who can’t live without their brew; Industry of All Nations Cabrales for my chill dad who loves to lounge; Ilia Lip Coditioner for all the lovely ladies in my life.

Kim: Odette Tiny Diamond Triangle Stud for myself because I love simple, detailed jewelry; Ace & Jig Flags for my roommate, who loves throwing small, festive gatherings; Shaina Mote Deren Coat for my BFF who needs a comfy staple blazer; Jessica Hans Porcelain Frost Vase for my sister’s new place; Fort Standard Small Standing Bowl. for one of my guy friends who is in serious need of some adult dinnerware.

Megan: A Peace Treaty Alhal Scarf for my mom who has everything and is always cold; OTAAT Flap Card Holder for my boyfriend who needs a proper place for his business cards; TenOverSix x Vacation Days Paisley Silk Bandana for my pup Kirby; Sehti Na 10k Saturn Diamond Ring for myself cause I’ve been good all year; Olo Dark Wave for my BFF who always steals it from me.

Nate: boy+girl Isabel crew for my cute little blonde hair, blue eyed niece; Rachel Comey Serra Clog for my wife, because she pretty much loves anything Rachel Comey and these are my current favorite; Fort Standard Large Standing Bowl for my mom, who has great taste in clothes and home design. I’d be excited to see what she puts in this bright bowl.; Chen and Kai Avocado Stone Fruit is my go-to gift for that person that’s hard to shop for, because it’s at a great price point and totally original; Milo Cat Tipi because it’s easy to support your friends when they make cool things! (From TenOverSix’s own Megan Mah!) We have one and our cats love it, so I’d get this for my sister-in-law who has a fat, fluffy cat.

Artemisa: Opening Ceremony Grunge Buckle Boot for my BFF who loves pieces that successfully walk the line between good and bad design; Areaware Kitten Fauna Pouch for my niece who is completely obsessed with cats and pink cuz duh she’s a princess; Kaelen Side Drape Dress for my mom who needs more pieces that show off her Crossfit-toned arms; Areaware Liquid Body Flask for my man because he has been complaining that drinks are too expensive and he should just bring a flask out for basically our entire relationship; Vruwink B/W Big Ball Necklace for me because against black, it looks like the phases of the moon.

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This time of year I’m sure everyone is having a bit of struggle with their holiday shopping.  The daunting question of “what to get for who?” echoes as you’re aimlessly walking around the store.  So, this year we’ve asked for some help from the brains (and beauty) behind TENOVERSIX!



All gifts are available online & in store at TENOVERSIX!

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This is the last weekend to check out If you lived here you’d be home by now, curated by Michelle Lane of Bread Studio, at TenOverSix LA! Inspired by various philosophies on the human condition, the creation of reality, and the material goods that make these up, Lane uses design to create a world aesthetically inspired by the past but full of solutions for the present and future.

iylh2 photo by Anna Liisa Liiver

More specifically, If you lived here you’d be home by now uses technology’s roots in organic computational processes to explore the present-day, naturalized communicative process that manifests itself in everyday objects. New design techniques, with a nod to a standard 1969 living room, are used to reconsider the way digitally modeled spaces reflect the invisible complexity of the transformation of the internet. This logic has become a new form of design, altering the idea of shared materiality to create a fabric of reality through which vibrant matter exists in real time.

“The material world has become immaterial – what we see is not an external world but an image of it and thus an inner world.” – Wallace Stevens

iylh3 photo by Anna Liisa Liiver

If you lived here you’d be home by now features work by Francis Bitoni, Aline Cautis, Marina Dragomirova, Lana Dumitru, Anna Liisa Liiver, Stine Linneman, and Hanna Sandin. It has also been reviewed in New York Times’ T Magazine & Daily Metal!


iylh5 Burial Set, Cleopatra’s Family Jewels / Hearing Trumpet by Hanna Sandin

iylh6 t-shirt available as part of show at TenOverSix LA


iylh7 vessels by Francis Bitonti


iylh9 photo by Anna Liisa Liiver


iylh12 glassware by Marina Dragomirova

iylh13 glassware by Marina Dragomirova

iylh14 dress by Lana Dumitru

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